Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

In addition to desktop PC repairs,  laptop (notebook) specific repair services are available at our workshop:

Isn't laptop repair expensive?
Generally hardware related problems on laptops cost more to repair since more labour/skill is involved and parts are dearer in comparison to those for desktop PC's.
However, depending on the problem, the repair could cost as little as £40.00.
There is no charge if a fix is not possible. If the notebook is repairable and the client decides not to go ahead with the repair, a diagnostic/disassembly/callout fee of £24.00 is payable.

* If unit is still under warranty, please try to get your repair done by the supplier/manufacturer since any disassembly we perform will most likely invalidate your warranty. DC Socket/Jack repairs are performed at the clients own risk. Where the the motherboard itself has been damaged, repair may be very costly or un-economical. We will advise the client in these situations before continuing.